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Tan Care


  • DO Properly exfoliate with an exfoliating mitt or glove. Do not use a loofah or your bare hand.
  • DO Moisturize before your spray tan except for the day of your spray tan.
  • DO Come with bare skin… no perfumes, deodorant, makeup or body oils
  • DO Follow prep care instructions provided in the prep/consent form
  • DO Bring loose fitting, dark colored clothing to wear after your spray tan.
  • DO NOT wear tight fitting clothing or shoes post tan as this can have a negative impact on your tan.


  • DO Follow all your post care instructions provided at the time of your appointment
  • DO Moisturize daily after your first full shower. Moisturize 1-2 times daily.
  • DO Pat dry after every shower and when you wash your face. DO NOT rub or scrub dry with a towel.
  • DO Use a fresh razor without a moisturizing strip
  • DO Use recommended post care products for maintenance. Tanning extender is a great add-on product to purchase at the time of your spray tan.
  • DO NOT use Dove/Olay products. Refer to my product guide for products to avoid.
  • DO NOT use products with sulfate, mineral oil, accutane or acne prevention products, retinol, skin brightening products. Refer to my product guide and prep/consent form for more information.

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